We are currently searching for a lead pastor. We have organized a Search Committees to facilitate this search:


         Roy Krumnow, Jim Uzzel, Carroll Hudson

         Donna Tadlock, Lisa Fowler

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  • music minister - Steve Thomas

    Steve came to FBCR from southern California in 2018, and encourages people of all ages to glorify God through music. Born and raised in southeastern Iowa, Steve has served the church in pastoral and musical leadership for more than 25 years. He holds a degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, and a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Louisianna Baptist University. 

    Along with his wife Mary, Steve enjoys the travel adventures and challenges of landscape photography. Together, they enjoy biking, traveling, and sharing time with family.

fbc robinson deacons

We get our English word deacon from the NT word that means servant. 

These men serve in various roles in our church and would love to be a blessing to you in any way they can. 

Richard Deas (254) 214-6918

Bill Felkner (254) 662-2300

Chris Johnson (254) 855-8710

Buddy Shavers (254) 300-5754

Jim Uzzel (254) 717-1127

Roy Krumnow (254) 709-5090